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Allendale Concert Cancelled!

The rock band Foo Fighter's concert was supposed to be held this evening in the Fine Arts Center at the local high school when the group suddenly decided to CANCEL the gig due to the building being too small to preform in. They are planning to, hopefully, re-schedule the live preformance some time soon. They will be sending out refunds and merch through the mail sometime tomorrow. They seem to be devastated about the loss of the gig.

Lead Singer Devastated!

We're devastated to have to cancel the preformace tonight, we were really looking forward to playing for you guy's tonight. I'm truly sorry. Said the lead singer of the group, Dave Grohl.
They're hoping to work out another place in Allendale to preform at, possibly within the next year. Tickets will have to be purchased again if you wish to go see their live preformance.

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